Design Services

Outlogix offers design services that help customers accelerate schedules by leveraging our expertise, knowledge, know-hows, resources and IP. Over the last two decades, we have fine-tuned ways to help customers reach their goals by providing superior and timely assistance at various stages of projects or product development efforts. We have formed or augmented teams, taken various roles on projects, and also provided complete turnkey solutions to our valuable customers.

Historically, we have demonstrated high level of accountability, responsibility, and technical competence in our engagements. We thrive in fast-paced environments and deliver high quality results in timely fashion. We know how to manage resources, risks and have strong project and time management skills. Outlogix team can work independently or as a team member in collaboration with systems engineering departments, R&D, marketing department, product planning groups, verification teams, software, harware or firmware designers, manufacturers and Q&A, and other relevant parties. When engaged early on, we can define the architecture of your products and systems. If involved at later stages of product development, we can assist in removing roadblocks, enhanve performance, improve yield, reduce power consumption, add features and capabilites, etc.
Our team designs, implements, tests and deploys platforms and software that powers custom, home-brewed, or COTS platforms and systems. Whether its a PC card, handheld gadget or cloud based solution, we have the know hows to create technologies on variety of platforms and to port technologies from one context to another. We are good at researching, modeling and simulating new concepts, ideas and technologies. Complex problems require structured problem solving approach to define and identify problems and requirements, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions. Often starting with rapid prototyping, we rapidly prove out algorithms, concepts and ideas before we design or select target platform for final product. Cost reduction steps are taken when product volume is high and every penny counts. Outlogix had strong experience in digital hardware design including variety of design tools and flows.
When executing inhouse becomes impractical, Outlogix can help you get to your goal. Even though not our dearest activity, writing proper documentation is part of our culture. Clarity and precision in written communications, specs, requirements, APIs, design documents and other necessary documentation helps transfer the knowledge and technology, and allows scalability in development and maintenance.
Besides creativity, Outlogix has exceptional problem solving, analytical, overall technical and troubleshooting skills. Although we embrace process driven developmental methodologies, we know when quick and dirty is good enough and apply different methodologies for a given setting. We have helped customers at various levels of involvement and integration in creating superior technological solutions and products. When project schedule is an issue, there is a lack of in-house expertise or available resources, or when innovative and unique technological solution is called for, Outlogix team can help your organization overcome the obstacles.

Systems Engineering

Outlogix team has an extensive experience in providing engineering design services and consulting at a systems engineering level. We acquired broad span of analytical and system design skills over the years which we use along with the proper engineering principles to get answers to feasibility, architectural and systems level questions, problems and issues. With proper foundations at the systems engineering level, entire product evolution becomes more predictable and linear task with minimal risks.
As part of systems engineering effort, some of the typical tasks performed are :

    -         Tradeoff and feasibility studies
    -         Detailed requirements
    -         Algorithm analysis, selection and development,
    -         System and subsystem level modeling
    -         Hierarchical design, hardware/firmware/platform parititioning
    -         Vendor and parts selectio and traedeoffs
    -         Test plans and procedures
    -         Project planning
    -         System integration
    -         Continuous testing/improvement process
    -         Configuration management and quality assurance plans

Rapid Prototyping

Quick proof of concept or idea can be criticial in successfully moving forward with the product or project. Parallel effort of multi skilled talent ensures that ideas can be put to test quickly and efficiently, enabling the customers to perform early evaluation of technology and to discover its pros, cons and performance in the lab or in the real world environment. Depending on what purpose does prototype serve, various methodologies are employed to arrive to a working model quickly. Outlogix team can help identify and design prototypes that will pave the road to your product line quickly.

Software Engineering

We are all witnessing how technology is changing the way we live, work, communicate, exchange information and consume data. Things are no different in the world of software development. Outlogix team is keeping up with modern technology trends and shifts by expanding the programming language and framework portfolio and by supporting various design methodologies and development processes in order to arrive to the optimum solution.

Starting with the detailed requirements, software architecture design, design, configuration management, test, verification, maintenance, updates and upgrades, we take every step of software engineering seriously. We have used every major configuration management flow, methodology and platform, allowing us to blend to customer flow and setting quickly or set up appropriate flows for customers when necessary.
Our software runs on variety of platforms, from small handheld embedded devices, mobile platforms, to desktops and laptops running multiple operating systems including Windows, Linux or MacOSX, all the way to cloud-level platforms like Amazon AWS.
Sometimes quick and dirty solution is appropriate for certain minor task. However, under normal circumstances, software has to be elegant, readable and maintainable, allowing developers to be switched on and off the project easily. Proper code modularization, partitioning and API design allow code development process to be transferrable, maintainable and scalable.

Hardware Development

We have a full HW PCB design, debug and test capability and we can also help with low medium and high volume manufacturing with high yield and exceptional quality results. We have been designing small consumer electronic products, PC cards, custom PCBs, rackmount chassis based products, modular blades with variety of interfaces, computational and processing engines, and wireless connectivity modules on them utilizing mixed signal design methodologies.

Research and Development

Research and Development is inherently fun and thrilling component of engineering process. We love modeling, simulating, number and formula crunching, doing traadaeoff studies to evaluate technology and discover its pros and cons; We enjoy exploring new concepts, developing new algorithms and finding novel solutions for diverse applications like audio/video processing and distribution, media compression/decompression, new waveforms, synchronization schemes, power linearization methods, etc.
Even when concept is proven and product design has been set, the innovation journey doesn’t stop. Innovation continues to be important part of the design process aiming for lower cost, design for manufacturability, and other productization steps which often can be very challenging.