Modem and Digital Signal Processing

Over the last two decades we have built many flavors of modems and transceivers for wireless and wired applications. From PSKs, FSKs, OFDMs, CPM, QAM, ASK, Spread Spectrum modulation schemes to channelization engines of various sorts, ranging in channel numbers (from few to millions) and bandwidth (from few Hz to hundreds of MegaHerz). We have done simluations, proof of concepts and commercial ports to FPGAs, CPUs, DSPs, GPGPUs that interface to major DAC and ADC vendors. Our SDR implementations squeze performance out of every sample/herz/bit, with higher volumes demanding bigger accent on efficiency and performance. Whether you need full modem solution or just special synchrnoziation scheme, we can assist you. Besides modems and DSP based transceivers, we have built commercial spectrum monitors and scanners , beamformers and other products invovling cutting edge DSP expertise. We have ported designs to both custom built hardware and platforms and to COTS development and deployemnt systems. We have also ported SDR implementations to high volume ASIC platforms, where cost and energy consumption were of highest priority.