Product Development

There is a long way from a good idea to commercial product that successfully reaches market. Outlogix team has assisted many companies in product creation, starting from early stages of concept development to proof of concept, prototyping, design for cost, design for manufacturing, test plans, test procedures, design and implementation of Q/A processes, production testing, all the way to taking products through regulatory, safety, environmental and outside service provider approvals and certifications.
We are seasoned system architects experienced in picking proper HW platforms, SW development tools and environments, design flows and processes for next challenging project.
Intensive automation helps mitigate human induced errors in every step of the product development. Starting with automated firmware/software build environment all the way to complex and comprehensive product testing, establishing automated processes ensures that product evolves to a better version every step along the way, regardless of complexity (that is mostly guaranteed to increase over time). Our philosophy is to design and rely automated processes as practically possible in order to ensure successful evolution, manufacturing, maintenance and continuous improvement of the product.
We define future product architecture and features by working together with various organization departments including engineering, sales, marketing and others. .