Software Defined Hardware

As the complexity and capacity of field programmable gate arrays, graphical processing units and multicore processors is growing, traditional design flows are quickly becoming obsolete and more agile development paradigms are required to harvest the potential of newly available technologies. Complex problems require proper mixing recipe for success, as one size doesn’t fit all solutions. With today's myriad of design tools and flows, silicon solutions and software and operating system options, being able to shift mindset from one domain to another and from one context to another is very valuable in finding the right mix of technologies for solutions that are at proper price point, on right schedule and on limited budget. We are seasoned programmable logic experts with capabilities to perform analysis and definition of next-generation architectures that yield better performance, higher throughput and lower power consumption, and smaller area consumption while running at screaming speeds. Our experience spans various toolsets and design flows from major vendors including Xilinx and Altera. We have extensive experience with GPGPU platforms running CUDA or OpenCL based software. We have ported implementations to our custom hardware platforms, COTS platforms or to customers’ custom built platforms, cards, chassis and blades. Outlogix can design your turnkey solution, or we can assist you in generating certain IP Core, and integrate it into existing environment. We can help you design hardware accelerated system that maps algorithms and design blocks to appropriate targets. We have worked with practically every serial and parallel communication protocol and interface that is used in the industry. We have implemented numerous designs involving design issues like multi-GHz clocks and multi-GHz converters, multirate sampled systems, tight synthesis and timing closure problems, multi-clock domains, each of them requiring particular problem solving approach and methodology.